They are grateful for the apartment and car that was provided for them for the year.

Samuel has enjoyed the time in Germany too. He coped well in the school. He has settled in well in the German school system. He has made friends in his class and in the neighbourhood. Samuel’s last school day is on the 14th of July. Pray for him as he says farewell to his newfound friends and adjust to a new environment, new school, new teammates, etc.

During this time of home assignment, Martin took a trip to Thailand. He had a good time and got valuable insights into the new tasks that are there waiting for them. Christiane and Samuel were well cared for whilst he was away and have experienced God’s help.

When they return to Thailand, Martin and Christiane face a new task. As field administrator, Martin will be responsible for his fellow missionaries on the field. This begins when a new family applies to join the field, processing documents that are necessary so that they can apply for visas. They will meet new families at the airport and welcome them to their new home, and help them to settle. Ongoing visa issues and work permit applications will also be part of their role.

As an administrator, Martin will be available if anyone needs help or is looking for pastoral care. He is the first contact person in a case of emergency.

As Chairman of the Foundation, Martin will be responsible for its administration and be accountable to the Government. He will be the team leader for the missionaries working in Chiang Mai.

It is a big responsibility and Martin and Christiane would be grateful for your support in prayer.

As they will head back to Thailand in mid-July, pray that they will find a suitable house to rent.

Pray for Martin and Christiane’s co-workers the Fullers; they have been working together with them on the Isan lessons that are nearly completed. Their language helper, under pressure from family is mostly unable to help them at this time, which is quite discouraging.

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