Graduation week

Last week was ‘graduation week’ for the literacy students in Wusuraambya, Papua New Guinea. The students and their teachers cooked food for their class party and brought their pots to school. Students gathered early to help decorate with balloons, streamers and flowers. The men put up three tarps as a tent on missionaries, Andrew and Cathy Goud’s lawn.

Students, teachers, parents and honoured guests gathered for the celebration. The guests each gave a short speech. Then the children received prizes for good grades, neat handwriting and good hygiene. They then watched a movie together. Andrew & Cathy Goud had planned for one group to watch on Monday and the other on Tuesday before they all ate together. However, because of rain, they ended up having ALL of them in on Tuesday, a crowd of 120 students and their teachers! Amazingly, they did all fit.

Then first and second year students received their certificates. Twenty-seven second-year graduate students will attend the government primary school in 2023. Andrew and Cathy thank God for the faithful teachers and the diligent students.

Seeing all the students and teachers from the various schools in one place made Andrew and Cathy want to burst out in praise to God for his blessings! So many children are now hearing God’s Word.

Thank you for your prayers for the literacy programme.

A Wusuraambya Bible teacher’s wife has been praying that God would open up a door for her to learn to read. Another lady, wanted to be a Sunday school teacher but since she cannot read it is hard for her to study the lessons. Cathy thought she would just have these two students in a newly started ‘Ladies literacy class’, however her class has grown to six already.

Each day, God sends along children who have attended the literacy school. They are excellent helpers. Most days Cathy has a private tutor for each of the mums. It is so cute to see these seven to fourteen year old ‘teachers’ holding up flashcards and coaxing their moms as they read their readers and spell the simple words.

It was not Andrew and Cathy’s strategy — to teach the kids first and then have them teach the adults… but it sure is working out well! Pray that God would help these ladies.

Thank you so much for being such an important part of the Wusuraambya ministry through prayer.