Robert and Rosemarie Baghurst were encouraged to see 41 graduates heading into the different regions of this world. Pray for them sharing in churches and challenging others to “Go and make disciples of all nations…”and as they look to the Lord for the prayerful and financial support needed for obedience to His Word.

Robert continues to be out and about most days of the week purchasing supplies for the missionary training centre; pray for the wisdom he needs, safety in driving and the building of relationships. At some of the stores he has opportunities to know the people quite well and sadly one recently died from a brain tumour so please pray that Robert has openings to share about Christ while there is still time. Rosemarie also has a special friend who needs a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will soften her heart as only He can, drawing her to Himself.

The building, which will be used to host the enrichment time for missionaries around the world who are on home assignment each summer, still needs to be completed. Construction has been in progress for some years now. Please pray for the means to complete the building.

Robert and Rosemarie are also strengthened and encouraged to be part of the “Celebrate Recovery” programme at their church each Thursday evening for people who have ‘hurts, hang-ups and habits.’ It is a great time to be involved in the lives of people both inside and outside of their church as an outreach and discipleship opportunity. Please ask the Lord for the wisdom Robert and Rosemarie need to be good listeners, and to challenge, bless and encourage all. Twice monthly they lead a connect group at lunch time after church; another occasion to interact with members on a more personal level. Pray more will join with this new lunch time group.

Within a three week period, five people that Robert and Rosemarie have known personally all died. It was quite a shock in a couple of cases, one being younger than them. Please pray for these grieving families as the weeks pass by and people forget to pray assuming those grieving have moved on.

Another hard situation has been their water, contaminated by rusty pipes in their well.  Pray they will be able to have the necessary repairs done soon. 

Above all Robert and Rosemarie solicit prayer to walk worthy of their Lord, to grow in Christ-likeness and manifest His fruit in their lives wherever they are. Pray for them to be a blessing, encouragement and challenge to the body of Christ as they serve as part of the team expanding the reach of the Gospel around the world!

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