Gospel presentation

On Tuesday, at the lesson on the coming of the Holy Spirit, Pete did a long review of the previous week’s lessons, and those who had attended “helped him” when he asked questions.

Pray specifically for those who are attending the teaching. Some that attend, the team believe, have trusted in Christ for their salvation. Others still seem reluctant to believe. Pray that both groups would grow in their understanding and either come to faith in Christ, or grow in that faith they already have.

They have a few more lessons in Acts, and then they will teach Christ’s victory over Satan at the end of times in Revelation. After that, they will begin to meet as a church with the focus on establishing an identity as believers while continuing to teach others in the community who have yet to hear of Christ’s finished work.

A family group in another town continues to hear the Biblical story – they are currently in the Gospels – but they have yet to hear the truth of Christ’s death and resurrection. Pray for a continued open door, and that those hearing will believe in Christ for salvation.

Pray for the formation of the Nahuatl church. The missionaries end goal is not merely to teach, but to see a church formed – Nahuatl teaching and leading other Nahuatl. Pray that even now, the new believers would find an identity as a group of people with a common faith and hope, that God would unite their hearts, and that they would grow in faith and desire to share the truth they now believe in.

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