Goodbye Latin America

In June Carlo and Ingrid Chala with Deborah, Esther and Leah celebrated Esther’s graduation. At the same time it was difficult, especially for Esther, as she said goodbye to her friends from high school, her class and other friends.
They were also very busy trying to empty their house, paint, clean and also finish some jobs at the hangar. Along with all of that there were goodbye parties with NTM Bolivia, NTMA, church, and friends.
NTMA has permanently ended their aviation service in Bolivia, so they were able to sell the plane and other things. As a family the Chalas are very happy and content with the last six years that they have been able to work with NTMA as well as help and serve in other areas as missionaries.
The Chala family travelled to Ecuador during the month of July. Visiting family and friends was a joy. They had a lot of time to talk, listen, counsel, and also to travel to different parts of beautiful Ecuador. They took a four day vacation on the coast with friends and enjoyed the seaside. Ecuador is like home to them, so their goodbyes to family, friends and the country were not easy for them.
While they were in Ecuador there were many people working hard in Germany preparing their apartment in Stockheim. That was a big surprise for them and helped them to adjust to their new home. For the first days and weeks felt out of place in Germany, but now they feel at home.
At the end of August Deborah moved to Switzerland where she is studying Christian Education. She is content and thankful to be studying at this university. She knows that it is the place the Lord had prepared for her.
Esther is doing a year of social work in the church they attend. She is working in a café for high school students. It is evangelistic and she is really enjoying the work. This is a great opportunity for her to grow spiritually, become more independent and to ask the Lord to show her what the next step will be for the coming year.
Leah is in nursery school and is very happy.
During their time of furlough Carlos and Ingrid would like to visit their friends, churches, home groups, schools, camps, etc. Pray that God will open doors for them to share about their ministry in Bolivia, the wonders and miracles that God has done over the last few years.
Pray also for Deborah and Esther and Leah during this new stage in their lives that they will grow and become even stronger in their Christian walk and that they will do well in their studies. Pray that Leah will continue to adapt well in her nursery school with the German culture. And finally, pray that Carlos and Ingrid will be a good example to her as well.

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