Good to go home

The girls were able to sleep in and relax and just get away from the stress of school. Ralf and Elli were able to take time for checking the translation for comprehension with their translation helpers and got a lot done. They also much enjoyed this time as a family. Please keep praying for them that they would always have enough time with and for the girls and give them what they need despite of all the work there is to do.

The Dinangat church are currently learning from Philippians. “…that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world…” (Phil.2:15-16)

In the Ladies Meeting they talked about how important it is to not only talk about their personal faith but also to live it out before those that don’t know Him yet and also in front of their own children. Otherwise how will they themselves learn to walk with Him? If they only talk about their faith to them but don’t live in joy, peace and love; how will they believe the Gospel?

Also in the Bible teachers/elders meeting one of the Bible teachers said, “I think that I have been wasting so much time. An unbeliever visits me almost daily but often times we are just talking about unimportant stuff. I really want to use this time, be a light to him and talk to him about our Saviour.” Pray for the Dinangat church that they would be shine as lights so much so, that the neighbouring village, which is still closed to the Gospel would see it and want this truth as well.
In another village many listened to false teaching and believed it. Almost all of them now realise that they had listened to a lie, but unfortunately one of the Bible teachers is still very convinced about it and even talks about starting his own church. Only one of the other Bible teachers is faithful and strong in the truth, but it is very hard for him to be the only leader there right now. The Bible teachers from the village where the Schlegels live want to go over there more often to strengthen the young and insecure church. Please pray that the truth will have victory over lies and that love will reign and conquer. Also pray for the Bible teachers that they will have the time, energy and wisdom to help the other believers.

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