Good to chat

A few years ago as Paul and Susan completed 18 months of teaching the youngsters through ‘creation to Christ’ lessons on Saturdays, one of their neighbour’s children was the first one to put his hand up saying “I believe”. Paul and Susan miss their Gende friends a lot so it was good for them to have the opportunity to chat. Even Paul and Susan’s daughter Laura managed to pull together her rusty Pidgin English and chat!

Paul still experiences a level of pain and discomfort that is not normal for the surgery he had a year ago. The question is – what else is going on? Paul will see a consultant again in April. Pray for wisdom for the consultant and for Paul as the pain is very wearing for him. He has been able to fulfil preaching engagements with the Lord’s help but has not been able to do much else.

Their desire is still to return to the Gende believers and continue what needs to be done. Until the door closes they keep that as their goal. The leaders of NTM UK and in PNG support them in that. There may be a possibility that Susan can bring some translation of epistles to a better state and take a trip to PNG for a month to work on them but that is only in the thinking stage.

Meanwhile Paul and Susan continue to do what they can for the Lord where they are and are thankful for the various Gospel and Bible teaching opportunities that come their way. Paul is preparing two studies for teaching, in Daniel and 1 Corinthians. Susan has a ladies conference to speak at this month as well as continuing with a weekly Bible study with a lady on a one to one basis teaching from ‘creation to Christ’. They need your prayers for all these things and for the Gospel opportunities, and that souls will be saved.

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