Good attendance

The missionary team in West Africa that recently started the chronological teaching continue to meet once a week at each location. They normally meet on Mondays and Wednesdays but that can change depending on if it’s raining or if other major events are taking place in the village. During the teaching of the first group, the missionary highlighted that God understands that we human beings are not perfect and make mistakes but that He wants to build a relationship with us and work through us to accomplish His purposes. There was good attendance for this meeting, and there were also a few people from the other side of the village who attended, which was encouraging since they rarely attend the meetings. There was also a good attendance at the meeting with the second group. They were quieter and more focused on listening than in the previous meeting. The team plans to share with them a memory card with all the lessons taught thus far. Even if many are not attending the teaching sessions, pray they can at least listen to the lessons on their phone or radio. Thank you for your continued prayer support. It is much appreciated!