Recently Gwen was reading chapter 17 of 1 Samuel; the chapter about David and Goliath. The commentator in the daily notes that Gwen uses wrote, “This is one battle that was won with a huge supply of bread and cheese sandwiches”. Meaning David was in the right place at the right time. A seemingly trivial errand brought glory to God.
About a year or so ago Gwen along with her son-in-law and family were asked by their field leaders to leave their present location to go to a new area. But there always seems to be some Goliath or other getting in the way of the move. Instead of using slingshot and stones to get rid of the Goliaths they have given the issue much thought and prayer.
The way to moving does seem to be opening up. There is still the need to rent a house, which hopefully will be resolved soon. At this point in time Gwen has decided to move with the family for a year and see how she copes. They would appreciate prayer for the move even though they don’t know exactly when that will be.
Gwen is thankful for all those who pray for them. They certainly appreciate all the prayers going up from those slingshots to the throne room.

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