God’s work

Pete and Liesl Hypki with Kester, Cana and Salem recently sent an update from the work among the Nahuatl people in Mexico.

On March 8th, a work team – the first of three planned for this spring to help build their co-workers’ home – arrived. As it turned out, what was supposed to be the first work team of the spring, ended up being the only work team this spring.

The effect of COVID-19 began to hit home for the village where they live when the Mexican government closed all schools on March 20th, pulling the seven government teachers out of the village as well. Thankfully they are well-stocked with supplies for the next two-to-three months.

No more visiting with people in their home or on their porch; no more checking Bible lessons with Pete’s lesson helpers in his office; no more church meetings with the believers, either.

That has obviously meant some pretty big changes in their day to day schedule. Pete says, “It frankly feels quite odd to be church planters that are not actively church planting, and has made us less culturally appropriate than usual in a culture that values time spent together. Yet we are doing our best to explain the situation to our neighbours, and using the extra time to continue to develop new lessons and materials, then trying to find creative ways to get them into people’s hands. It’s a good reminder, frankly this has always been God’s work, something He will accomplish despite us, not because of us. The success, the growth, the maturity and life of His church depends on Him, ultimately – not us.”

They push forward with the opportunities God gives them, trusting Him to accomplish His purposes, and redeeming the time He gives them the best they can.

Please pray:

  • For their village and the country of Mexico as COVID-19 accelerates.
  • For the Nahuatl church, no longer meeting as a corporate body, and unlike in the USA, online church is not an option. However, they have been able to distribute some materials both on paper and digitally, and are praying God will use this time to enrich the believers by His Word and His Spirit.
  • For their co-workers, as they will now need to rough it a bit more than expected once they move into their home because two work teams were cancelled.
  • That they would be able to replenish supplies before the rainy season arrives in late June. They are praying for the opportunity to get all the food, medications, and LP gas and fuel, to be able to spend the four months of rainy season in the village this summer.
  • For wisdom, patience, and peace as they see many of their own plans cancelled – a family vacation, a consultant trip for Pete to two different church planting teams, and hosting a consultant trip in the village. Pray that they would trust God with those plans, and upcoming ones, too, and that He would make all things come together in His time as they depend on Him.
  • For them as a family as it is hard not to feel more isolated from family and friends. Pray that they would trust their faithful Father, rest in His grace and provision, and be able to point their Nahuatl neighbours and each other to His unfailing love.

Thank you for your prayers for the team, and the Nahuatl people.