God’s Word still changes lives.

Everything went very well with the consultant trip that Barrie Williamson took in June to the Philippines. Besides meeting together with one of the ministry teams off-site, he was able to fly by helicopter to three different locations in the northernmost province in order to encourage the teams on-site. In one village, he witnessed the tremendous effort that goes into moving into a remote location. In another, they talked through the processes and planning that needs to go into teaching a people group new to the message of the Bible. In the last village, he was thrilled to hear that, since his last visit there, potential church leaders of a developing church small have taken steps forward.

It was a joy for Barrie to hear of the amazing transformations taking place in people’s hearts as they come to grasp the significance of the Good News! On the other hand, he also saw and empathised with patient co-workers in another place where lack of understanding, like chains of darkness, still hold people captive.

After a time back at home with Cherri, Barrie recently flew to Southeast Asia. Once again he will be helping people to dig deeper into God’s Word, ‘building on the foundations’ that have been laid on previous occasions.

Please pray for:

  • Safety in travel
  • Clear communication in sharing from God’s Word
  • Understanding for the believers as they learn and grow together
  • Good health
  • Cherri as she takes care of things at home

Barrie and Cherri have much to thank God for:

  • His love for people of all nations, languages and ethnicity
  • For every effort of God’s people to share His love with others
  • For all who are joining hands with them through prayer as they continue to serve