God’s provision

Fernando and Tabitha da Silva with Daniel and Eliana continue to serve at the mission school in Brazil and look back with great thankfulness on another year..

In December school ended with exciting field days, award ceremonies and graduation, (the school runs both a northern and southern hemisphere school calendar for the North American and Brazilian curriculum respectively). Though they are serious about a good education for the students, of foremost important is the spiritual life of our students. Please pray with them that each of them would develop a deep relationship with God.

In 2019 they were once again amazed at God’s provision of staff. At the start of the year a teacher in Sao Paulo heard of the desperate need and was moved by God to join the team. Pray that this lady (and another colleague) would be able to get enough support to be able to continue to minister at the school. In August school started again and they were thankful for the arrival of several new colleagues. Tabitha was thankful to be able to pass on her role as hostess to a new colleague. She thoroughly enjoyed the ministry, but along with teaching algebra at the school, home schooling, housekeeping and health struggles it was becoming a bit too much. Please continue to pray for more staff as many will be leaving on home assignment this coming June.

Fernando is taking an online university course to get a teaching degree in mathematics. It has been very intense for him as he studies hard while teaching a full load of classes, alongside all his other responsibilities. He is presently halfway through this three-year course. Please pray for endurance, health and wisdom for Fernando.

Fernando and Tabitha can look back with so much thankfulness at God’s faithfulness in 2019 and they know that He will be unchanging in His faithfulness towards them in 2020!