God’s perfect timing

Recently Barrie Williamson was admitted to the hospital with chest pain. A new blockage was discovered in one of the already stented arteries. Their cardiologist did a great job finding the blockage the following day and was able to put in a new stent. Barrie experienced immediate relief and was discharged a few days later. Barrie and Cherri are so thankful that this incident did not take place ten days later than it did because then they would have been in an area of Asia-Pacific where the medical facilities are extremely limited. God’s timing is always perfect!
The cardiologist assured them that he feels its fine for Barrie to continue with his plans to go to Asia-Pacific to put on a workshop there. Pray for safe flights and calm hearts. And that God will use the workshop so that the missionaries can clearly communicate God’s wonderful Word to the many people groups in that region.

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