God’s love poured out

Daniel, Nicole and David Noort are well into their time of orientation and making contacts near Lake Superior as part of their First Nations training. It was a total of 15 hours’ drive from Durham and they were grateful for the opportunity to do the trip in two days. They drove through vast areas where just a few people live. Driving 100 kilometres without meeting anyone. They found people are generally very social and always up for a chat. It is a beautiful place!

They are being introduced to different people to build relationships and learn from the First Nation culture. Nicole teaches David English, biology and history in the mornings. They both have fun when they take turns reading a part from the books and Nicole literally stumbles over the difficult English words. David is doing very well. He happily goes along with them to any activity. There are children that he can spend time with and they can go into the mountains and forests on all sides.

Daniel and Nicole have been given the opportunity to give their testimony in some Indian churches. One small church four hours further north was started 30 years ago. The couple that started the work have handed over the leadership to the local people who are mainly from the Ojibway tribe. They were able to meet with this couple and learnt a lot from them, especially about the things that they should and should not do or say.

Recently at the church they have been attending they were able to witness a baptism of a young single native mother and heard how she was saved from the clutches of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  A testimony to how the love of God was poured out in her heart through Jesus Christ. Another prisoner liberated! (Isaiah 61:1) Their prayer is that many more will follow.