God’s faithfulness

Barbara has arrived safely in the village in Brazil where she was serving pre-Covid, and has begun to feel more settled. She has resumed language and cultural studies.

The missionary team hoped to have their own internet connection not long after their arrival in the village, but unfortunately there were problems and it is still unclear how things will turn out. The team are thankful that some people in the village have internet. Barbara can occasionally use their local Bible translator’s internet.


– for a good solution to the internet problem

– that the team are not discouraged by the challenges

– that the team stay close to the Lord and allow Him to guide them in everything

– for good progress in language and culture studies

– for good relations in the village

Thankful for:

– A safe journey

– God’s goodness and faithfulness, which the team experience every day

– A warm welcome in the village

– Good relationships and fellowship with colleagues

– Faithful prayer support