God using COVID for good

In the midst of this COVID crisis, Andrew and Cathy Goud thank God for His hand of protection for their family and friends in Canada as well as in Papua New Guinea. The prime minister of PNG asked everyone to pray for God’s hedge of protection. God is in control of their lives. He is trustworthy. He is working out His best plan. As Andrew and Cathy trust Him, He gives them peace and joy.

News of the “big sick” has brought fear in the hearts of many. It has caused many to think about where they stand with God. Many people came by to visit Andrew and Cathy on their porch. (They live among the Wusuraambya people of PNG). They had some wonderful chances to share about the hope that they have in Jesus. Many people who are not normally interested in talking about God are now very open. The believers are having many chances to share Christ in their villages.

About a month ago, a good friend of Cathy’s badly cut her hand so she visited to get it bandaged. To Cathy’s surprise, her friend’s husband came with her. God just opened up a very natural opportunity for them to talk about Jesus. The husband listened intently. His wives have been praying for years for him to come to Christ. Covid has really made him think. He has decided to follow Jesus! He has been reading his Bible and coming to church. Pray for him as he learns to walk with God daily and as he witnesses to his cousin.

During the social distancing time, church was able to continue, as they were able to spread themselves out on our large front yard. Andrew had to speak louder to be heard! The children were taught in one corner of the yard. It was a bit of a challenge to keep them from swinging from branches! There were no internet options.

Since the province has reopened schools, they too have commenced teaching again. The children are so happy to be back in school. Recently eight students finished the Wusuraambya module and started into English. Also five English students transferred to grade 4 in the community school. Pray that these five 9-11 year olds will stand strong in their faith.

Ten teachers and helpers are teaching the Wusuraambya module in two villages and six are teaching simple English in a third village. Also nine teachers are in training in a fourth village.  These teachers would appreciate your prayers for patience and wisdom as they teach.

Since there is the home church and the outreach church, the need for teaching has kept Andrew hopping. He just finished the 1 Corinthian lessons for the outreach church. Two new chronological teaching groups have begun so Andrew is working on revising the chronological lessons. In the home church, Andrew has been teaching through I Thessalonians. Your prayers are appreciated for Andrew, especially for his eyes which are irritated by allergies and dry-eye.

Recently Cathy and two ladies hiked to the village where they are training nine new literacy teachers. They are all making excellent progress. Each evening women would come to the house where they were staying, eat with them, share Scripture, sing songs and sleep. It was a wonderful time of praising God. Their joy is contagious!

Andrew and Cathy had planned to leave Papua New Guinea mid-April. Due to COVID they have rebooked their tickets for July. Thank you so much for standing with them through your prayers.