God provided wisdom

Dennis and Valerie Easton serve among the Ga’dang people in the Philippines and are thankful for the provision of funds for the water projects in the neighbouring villages – mainly through the fund-raising efforts of the class at Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Waukesha, USA. A number of water projects are on the go right now, pray for wisdom in managing time and money.

They are able to help the village to the north and the village to the south right now and this is great for building relationships with those folk too. The missionaries’ village spring has been the driest they have ever seen it, so they left the village a couple of days earlier than planned to reduce the strain on the available water for the village. They could really use some rain for the water system and for the farmers’ fields.

Dennis had an encouraging language evaluation in May. He is hoping to complete formal language study by the end of the year. (D.V.)

God provided the team with wisdom to navigate through many culture events and challenges over the past two months and in developing some deeper relationships.

Pray for the oldest man in their village. The team have been praying that he will live to hear the teaching and he has held on so far despite recently having to be nursed through a difficult time.

Pray for their co-worker Chuck Talbot as he finds words to articulate the Phase One Bible lessons that are in the writing stage. It is hard for him to sit at a desk all day every day! Pray for the two language helpers as they do the preliminary checking.

Chuck and Shannon’s eldest son, Eli, graduated from Ethnos360 Bible Institute last month. They are so thankful for his time there to study God’s Word and grow in his walk.

Their children Kyle and Hala are finishing high school this summer – they are home schooled.

Pray for God’s leading in all the changes ahead for them as a family.

Continue to pray for Danny and Philippa Brooks and family as Danny continues