God never fails

In about a week from now, their journey for home assignment in South Africa starts.
Praying for them to have wisdom over the choice of school for Madeleen; two schools said they have a place; , both are small and will supply her with what she needs.
But at the moment for Lourens and Marie nothing else seems to fall in place.
The good news is that God is teaching them in these days about TRUSTING him. They thought they have been through this one a million times before, but it’s not easy this time, maybe this is why it is necessary!
God has never failed them; they are still in PNG to this day, because of his unfailing love and care.
Pray for their kids. They are writing their annual Terra Nova standardised tests (school tests). Pray that these little furlough heads will also remember their capitalisation rules and what a hyphen is
The kids always play the game of hide and seek, and after the countdown they will shout “Ready or not – here we come!” This is how Lourens and Marie feel…a jump into the dark – but God is there!

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