God is working

Kirk and Yolanda Rogers serve among the Landuma people in West Africa.

The Landuma believers continue to reach out to their neighbours, engaging them in conversations about the truth of God’s Word and the salvation offered by God through Jesus, but they find it hard to make progress.

PRAY for a breakthrough, that those with whom they share God’s Word would realise that it is folly to allow their fear of scorn and shame to keep them from believing the Good News and embracing the loving God who created them and sent His Son to die for them. Pray that they do not miss out on the wonderful eternal life God gives only to those who trust Him.

Yolanda recently flew from the Guinea capital to Senegal to attend a missionary ladies conference. While she was studying the Word and being encouraged by and encouraging the other attendees, Kirk stayed in the city working on correspondence, translation, etc., taking advantage of the fairly good internet connection available there. Car repairs and other tasks needed taking care of as well whilst he was in the city.

In March, Kirk plans to do a translation check of Romans and Ephesians.

PRAY that the check goes well. PRAY that it blesses the Landuma man who helps them. This man is currently taking an online Bible course and wants to be a missionary. He recently became engaged.

Work has begun on the construction of a mobile phone antenna tower just two kilometres from Kirk and Yolanda’s home. It is hoped that before long they could have much better phone and internet service, which would be a great help to them and the work. PRAY that the project is completed quickly and that the service does indeed improve.