God is not limited

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock’s eighth grandchild was born in July to Sam and Hannah. They are enjoying the fact that they all live in Norwich and are loving getting to know him.

Mission work is keeping them busy despite the continuing restrictions. Jonathan has online meetings almost every day and he is working on a variety of different projects. The ‘Culture and Language Acquisition project’ is still moving forward, and they hope the app will be widely available early next year.

They keep in touch with the fields in Latin America regularly and are encouraged to hear that God is not limited by the pandemic. The Gospel continues to be preached and the Scriptures are being translated and given to the people. Please pray for the training centres throughout the region who are looking for the best way to continue training new missionaries with the current challenges.

Jonathan and Rachel would appreciate prayer for their house and the work that needs doing on it. The roof has been leaking for some time despite repairs. A few patches of felting up in the attic made it look like the roof had been felted, but it had not been. It still has the original straw and lime from 85 years ago. It is no wonder the roof was leaking! They are now in the middle of having the roof properly felted and the tiles re-laid. It was an unexpected job, but very necessary for a watertight home. They know they have a big God and none of this came as a surprise to Him but it has been stressful, particularly as some of the inside work that they had already done now needs to be fixed again.

Jonathan and Rachel are thankful for your prayers.