God is good

After a break (the last one with their eldest daughter Naomi before she leaves PNG) in Madang they went into Dinangat for the last week of school break. Naomi needed to say her good byes to the place and people where she lived since she was three years old. Dinangat became her home and yet she knew that she could not stay there forever. The time to leave PNG and to step into a new phase of her life in Germany is coming closer and they are all getting a bit nervous. Goodbyes, tears, letting go, transitioning into something new… those are things that they are already experiencing now and are talking about a lot these days. Saying goodbye in Dinangat was very hard and yet it was beautiful at the same time. Naomi has loved growing up there and made wonderful memories that she will take with her as she moves away from the familiar life there. Please pray for her!

While in Dinangat Elli was able to join the ladies meeting again. The ladies are doing the Bible Studies almost all on their own now and doing a good job. Please keep on praying for these lovely women that they would grow stronger in their faith and become an inspiring testimony to their families and friends around them.

The post literacy programme is going really well and the ones participating in it are learning so much. However, there is not a whole lot more interest of other people to participate in the following courses. Please pray that more people would want to practice their reading skill so that they would find more joy in reading God’s Word. Please also pray that someone would be able to continue teaching the next courses.

One of Ralf and Elli’s translation helpers lost his second wife last year in the same way his first wife died during the delivery of her baby. Since then he has not been well at all. Many people are talking badly about him and are even accusing him of being the reason why his two wives died. He is therefore not going to church anymore and is very discouraged. Please pray for him!

Another believer has a heart for the elderly as many of them are still not clear on the Gospel of grace. They are still hanging on to old animistic beliefs and mixing it with parts of the Gospel. He is meeting with some of them on Saturdays teaching them the story of God chronologically. Please pray for him for wisdom as he teaches and for the elderly that they would fully understand God’s Word and believe in it.

In about two months’ time Ralf and Elli and family will be travelling to Germany. Naomi will live with Elli’s parents and start nursing school in October. Returning to PNG without her will be one of the hardest things that they will have to go through. Yet they have seen God’s help so many times before and they know that He will not leave them alone with this one. Please pray that they will trust Him completely, for HE IS GOOD!

Ralf and Elli really appreciate every single prayer.

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