God is faithful

It is now ten years since David and Chris Price completed their training at the NTM training centre in North Cotes, England. God is faithful! Since then they have been serving in Asia-Pacific in a hospital and church community based ministry.

Chris is currently at the ‘Mission Home’ (over 200 km away) as she has much better internet there and has been able to make progress on the last push to complete her dissertation for the master’s course she has been working on as a requirement for her nursing role. The internet and power supply at the hospital was proving far too stressful and actually impossible for her to continue with her dissertation, which is now in its final month. Pray for God’s help and encouragement for Chris to persevere, (she is finding it extremely difficult at present) and that she will not get too many interruptions. Chris had an article (from her master’s work) published in the British Journal of Nursing recently. A big achievement (and very proud husband).

David is manning the fort back where they live. Please pray for the Lord’s strength, encouragement, love, grace and wisdom as he continues with the various ministries within the church support role, hospital-based ministries and other social-pastoral roles to needy friends.

Pray for wisdom as he plods along with his UK visa application for next year. The UK leg of their home assignment is starting to shape up (and already looks very busy!). So please pray that he does not make any errors with the various stages of the application, as it certainly is not user-friendly!