God has done mighty things

Koen and Anne-Laure Verdonck can testify that God has done mighty things in Papua New Guinea. They have served in PNG for over twenty-five years, during this time over 25 tribes have been reached with the Gospel.

The chronological Bible teaching is happening at different places and is in different stages. Approximately three weeks ago, the teaching started in the Kaje tribe. The people are impressed. The whole village is attending the teaching. The people are so happy to hear. They are hoping that God will somehow rescue them from their sin. They now know that God cannot tolerate sin. They wonder how God will help them with theirs.  The Kaje translation helper is  now a believer and is happy that God has changed his life.

A 72 year old missionary that came to PNG together with his wife about 50 years ago, initially worked in a tribal village now teaches pastors from the different established town churches all over PNG. He takes them through the chronological Bible teaching and teaches them how to teach it. He recently taught seven men. There have been many in the past that have come to know the Lord through his teaching. This group just heard about the death of the Lord Jesus. Please pray for them.

In Tigak, an island north of New Ireland, is reporting that many people have tuberculosis. Also in another village where kids and adults are getting sick with head and neck symptoms suggest polio. We pray and hope that it is not polio.

A language consultant recently went to the Iski tribe, to help the team there with their translation work. Together with five of the believers, they checked 1200 verses of the NT. 29% of the NT is now translated and checked. In recent months forty people were baptised. In order for the people to practise their reading a little programme was set up for translating easy books for the people to read. It is like a starting a little library but you first have to make the books. Three books are already finished.

Koen and Anne-Laure are preparing, Lord willing, to return to PNG on the 13th of January. Two of their children and their spouses and family live in Belgium where Koen and Anne-Laure are currently on home assignment. Their youngest son with wife and daughter are in PNG. So it is hard to leave either place but God knows and will give strength when the time comes. Whilst on home assignment they were also able to visit the USA for meetings in Arizona. Koen has been the programme manager for Ethnos360Aviation in PNG (former New Tribes Mission Aviation) for four years. The programme managers meet every year to talk about the progress for the next year. This year they could travel together as a couple and are thankful for that.

Thank you so much for being a part of the work in PNG through your prayers and love gifts. They are appreciated.