God cares

Boris and Valentina Bergen, who serve with their three children in the Philippines, feel blessed to see how the new families are settling in and have already managed the first phase of language learning and the first 800 words. It is also wonderful for them to see how the families who arrived in early 2022 are slowly getting into the final stretch of language learning. Three to four families will, God willing, complete the official language course at the end of this year. After that, there will be many trips of discovery to see in which people group God wants to use them to plant His church.

They are also encouraged to see how God cares for them as they begin to think about going on home assignment. God has opened the hearts of one family (soon to be finishing language studies) to continue the programme for Boris and Valentina while they go home. This is a great answer to prayer because it allows them to plan their time in Germany with peace of mind without having to worry about the local people.

Another big concern was the housing situation for them when in Germany – but before they even spoke to anyone God provided a solution through good friends.

Another answer to prayer is their great home school helpers, Michi and Jessi. They have been with them since the end of July and are a real blessing. After settling in, and observing the children’s lessons for a week, they are doing a great job. Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea love them… and have had a great start to school. Pray that they will find a good rhythm as a family and that each of them will feel and see the place that God has prepared for them.

While Boris and Valentina have seen and experienced God in all these things, they are challenged to trust Him with their “here and now”. Currently they feel like they are in God’s school – He wants them to trust Him more and more… particularly in the area of finances. They often have meetings at their house feeding 10 – 50 people depending on the meeting. The global increase in food prices has also reached the Philippines. While they humanly try to find solutions and to live cheaply, God desires that they trust in HIM. God keeps His promises. They see that He is a trustworthy God, faithful to His Word. Human solutions to a problem are limited. Pray for them that they can wait for God and His work, that they learn patience and always look to HIM instead of their problems.

Even if God has not given them an answer or solution yet, He guides them through the “dark valley” like a good shepherd and keeps leading them to His Word with His hand. What a privilege to serve such a loving and omniscient God.

In addition, this month Boris and Valentina were able to plan and carry out a two-week vision trip for two families and visited a church planting ministry that just started a year ago. It was a great day with many important insights.