God cares about the little things

Lance and Laura Ostman minister to the Higaunon people of the Philippines. They wait on God for clear direction as to when they can leave the village and return to the USA. In the meantime, work continues on translation of the Old Testament books for the Higaunon. They hope soon to see 2 Chronicles through the final comprehension check. That will make the seventh book that they have done on this trip – the most of any of their annual visits. They truly praise God for allowing them to see so much work done. Thank you for praying!

So far Lance and Laura and their co-workers, as well as the village people, have remained healthy. They are so grateful! Thanks for praying for their health – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Recently Lance tried to access their Facebook account once again and a different message came up. He followed through with what that message told him to do – and after almost two months, they got back on Facebook. They had thought that they would have to wait until they returned to the USA, so Lance and Laura are very glad to be back in communication with so many of their family and friends. God cares about the little things.

Another year, another repair job on their home in the village…termite damage yet again. They are thankful to have some better walling material this time around. With quarantine restrictions somewhat lifted, they are also thankful to have people who can work on their house.

Though Lance and Laura are disappointed not to be back in the USA, they know that God has perfect timing. Thank you for your partnership in prayer that keeps them working on translation for the Higaunon.