God answered prayer

God answered prayer; the outbreak has spread slower than expected, there have not been too many cases, and no serious complications. Most importantly, no one died! The outbreak is not over yet, but recently they had a team from the mission’s clinic visit them and give immunisations to the population! The vaccines were provided by the PNG government. The immunisations should bring an end to the outbreak.
Many people from neighbouring villages came to get immunised too. It was an opportunity to meet new people of the same language group. The team gave hundreds of injections. The nurses trained some village ladies to give the injections (including Nisae and Aurélie). Even the faithful helicopter pilot helped to prepare the vaccines. The people helped a lot with several aspects of the work and André and Aurélie are thankful everything went smoothly.
Continue to pray for André and Aurélie and family as they serve in PNG.

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