Getting stuck in

Dave and Emma Moore with Joshua left Papua New Guinea at the start of June for a three-month home assignment. They were able to have a holiday on the journey back before a busy summer of reconnecting with friends, family and supporters. They clocked up nine of the locations shown in the photo and had many encouraging times as they travelled and shared. They are thankful for an encouraging and stimulating home assignment with new insights into how people are going “from everywhere to everywhere” in mission.

Dave helped with the Christian Medical Fellowship ”Developing Health Course” in London which is a preparation and refresher course for medical mission. He has been asked to consider getting more involved in the running of this course in the future. Joshua enjoyed his first camp at the Oakes Christian Centre.

As Emma and Joshua headed back to Papua New Guinea, Dave stayed on for medical work and training. His annual appraisal went well and at the moment it looks like it may be possible to maintain a medical license in the UK through annual trips back and ongoing study.

Every four years, Christian medics gather for the International Christian Medical and Dental Association World Congress. Dave joined 800 people from 84 countries at this year’s conference in India and was able to help with a seminar on preparing people for mission.

As term gets underway at Numonohi Christian Academy (NCA), the New Tribes school at the mission centre, PNG; Dave and Emma are enjoying getting stuck into their new “Growth Group” which is meeting weekly to study the book of Philippians. Pray that they will find joy in the midst of trials, that the book of Philippians would stir their hearts as they study and that they would learn more about living for Christ where they are.

Emma continues to move up the learning curve of a new teacher and the weeks are busy with planning and preparation for lessons. They are delighted to be joined by Becky who is a music teacher. Pray for Becky and Emma as they share the load together and support each other.

In the clinic, Dave is settling back into the team. There are two work experience students joining the team for an hour each day so that provides another opportunity for teaching. He will meet with the other doctors more regularly for education time this year and will be part of the clinic management team. Recently Dave was involved in some difficult tropical medicine cases but was glad for the support of colleagues. He has also been ill himself and was grateful for good treatment at the clinic that helped him recover quickly.

Pray for growth in grace, unity and focus as a team and for wisdom and the development of leadership skills for Dave and the team in the clinic.

Emma helped with the organisation of another 5K race, which turned out to be a family milestone as Joshua ran 5K for the first time, ahead of his dad. They continue to train with different friends, which has proved a great way to build relationships. Dave is now looking after the “Exercise Room” on the mission centre and is working on a project to refurbish it as part of supporting the team in staying healthy.