Getting started

They really enjoy studying the language. It’s much easier for Sandra to start building relationships with other mums and nannies so she is finding it quicker to pick up the language than Stephan. Pray that Stephan will find ways to build relationships with local men. Pray for good language sessions and a good understanding of the culture. Also pray that they will make some good friendships.

One thing Stephan and Sandra really like about the culture is the small shops along the roads and they have been trying out some of the many different foods found at the local market.

Living in Southeast Asia has shown them just how big the need this area still has for missionaries to share the Gospel message. Many people have absolutely no idea about the Bible and what Jesus has done for them. They also don’t have the chance to ask a grandfather or grandmother about it. They daily worship the spirits and bow before statues. It reminds Stephan and Sandra of the Old Testament stories. But how should they tell them the truth? Where is an open door? Pray that God will lead them to those open doors. They want to be a testimony and they are eager to share what they learned about God and his great salvation.

The children are doing well. They miss Switzerland and Benaja also talks quite a lot about England (where they did their missionary training at North Cotes) and that he wants to go back there; however, at the same time they also enjoy life where they are now.

They live in a suburb with very little traffic and have some neighbours who also have children but there are not many children of their own children’s age. Emily is still a toddler and refuses to speak a word, except for “Mama”. She is babbling and laughing and crying and screaming but not yet talking. They have already had their first emergency case where they had to go to the doctor. Their middle child, Sophia, found a knife and tried cutting a passion fruit. It was a rather deep cut and they were glad that the hospital is really nearby. Benaja enjoys the freedom and plays with the geckos and rides his bike like crazy around the neighbourhood.

Pray for strength for Stephan and Sandra and that they can stay focused and find a good balance between spare time and work time – family time and ministry time.

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