Getting more involved

After six months, Andrew and Joanna McCready with Manoah finally seem settled in Asia-Pacific and it feels more like home.

Andrew has booked his flights to another island at the beginning of August. He will join a conference and they hope that this will give him the chance to meet many of the other missionaries and ask questions about possibilities regarding serving there. Pray for God´s continued leading in their decision making regarding what region in Asia Pacific they should serve.

During a recent religious holiday they were expected to visit their neighbours and eat. It was a great opportunity for them to get to know some of them better. In all they went to ten different homes. It was an interesting culinary experience with fried cow skin, fermented rice and some other interesting homemade cookies.

At the end of July, a new group of missionaries arrived in Asia Pacific. Including a family that they knew when they were at North Cotes. Pray for the new families to settle in well.

It has been a busy few weeks and Andrew and Joanna have been able to get more involved in the church. They are thankful for the opportunities and the patience people here have with them and their language level. They have also been able to have the youth group that Andrew is involved in, at their house for games and food. They have really enjoyed having them and they would love to see them walking close with God. Pray for continued progress for Andrew and Joanna in their language study!

Together with another older couple, Andrew and Joanna have the joy of visiting an older widow from their church once a week for a little Bible reading, singing and a cup of sweet Jasmin tea. She especially loves that Manoah goes with them.

Please continue to pray for wisdom in handling the differences between the way children are raised in Asia-Pacific and the way it is done in their home countries. Manoah really enjoys his new babysitter. She tries to teach him the local language. He loves to play with all the other boys in their neighbourhood too.

Joanna has been busy visiting her friend. Her little boy (same age as Manoah) burned himself badly with hot water. They have tried to help as much as possible and thank God how well he is doing. It also gave Joanna good opportunities to speak to her about faith and from where she gets her help. It is a joy to see that people enjoy talking about ‘spiritual’ things. Please pray they would use those opportunities to share about the real hope there is in Jesus.

The same friend has recently said to Joanna, “You need to learn more of my language so that I can talk to you about my deeper feelings.” Even though she speaks a little bit of English, it just reminded them how important it is to speak people’s “heart language”. Only then will they be able to communicate the truth clearly.