Before Paul and Susan left PNG they attended the regional conference and had a good time of fellowship and catching up with long-time missionary friends. There were so many new missionaries that it was a bit overwhelming but they got to know some of them. Paul and Susan appreciated their youth and energy as they prepare to get settled in to a tribal location to begin the arduous task of learning language and culture and the work God has for them in reaching the unreached.
Paul and Susan’s neighbours from the village in PNG sent them a text message and they were deeply saddened on reading that the young girl with physical difficulties who had taken part in literacy classes etc., died about two weeks ago. She will be missed and they know it will have upset the believers and especially her family. The Gende Bible teacher told them he thought she was trusting in the Saviour for herself. Also just before they departed from PNG they had a phone chat with another believer who is teaching another Gende man from ‘creation to Christ’.
While Paul and Susan are gone the Gende believers plan to read through the book of Mark again as they meet on Sundays as they haven’t done that for some time.
Back in the UK, Paul and Susan’s daughter Laura got an agency job as a rehabilitation assistant visiting people in the community which started the day before they returned. She continues to search for something more permanent as an Occupational Therapist.
Paul and Susan are checking things off their list that need taking care of such as doctor’s appointments. A recent three day trip with their three grandchildren to Scarborough was successful, with several hours playing in the sand and making happy memories! God is good.

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