Paul and Susan Boothby have found that the teaching from 1 Timothy has been so practical and helpful in church planting and in the life of the church. Recently on a Sunday Paul taught from Ch.5 about which widows should be looked after by the church fellowship. The believers listened well. In fact it was a good meeting all around. All those who feel free to pray in public did so and there was a good prayer time. Many made this statement as they finished – “I believe in Jesus and am closing this prayer in His name” which was quite moving. The singing was good too. About a month ago the worn tarp that they sat under for Sunday meetings and literacy classes ripped in a storm. Since then Paul and Susan have been clearing out their living area and having the Sunday meetings in their house. They have now finished Ch.5/6 by touching some of the main points about the things that are important in life, food and clothes; how to deal with church leaders who sin and the important exhortation to hold on to the truth and not allow false teachers any sway.
An old believing man from another village is keen to have the teaching from Creation to Christ start up again and asks for that most Sundays and that it be announced at the market publicly. This will fall on a Gende believer. Pray for it to become a reality.
A young Gende man who has been picked for a city Rugby team seems be trusting in Christ alone for salvation after searching for the truth for many years and going through phase one. He said he is a changed man! Praise the Lord. He was glad to now be part of the family of God and wanted to know when he can fellowship with the believers.
Kids from between age ten and eighteen attend the meeting on Fridays. They always listen well to the Bible talk. They have recently been looking at the miracles of Jesus from the Gospel of John. There is often a lot of fun and laughter but the highlight for Paul and Susan is hearing these dear tribal kids pray. Pray for these kids as when Paul and Susan are not in the village nobody else takes much interest in them.
The measles epidemic continues but thankfully there have been few deaths. Sadly a little girl died last week, either with a chest infection or the start of measles but she probably had an underlying chronic illness.
There is also a very sick child of about eleven years old and weighing only 12 kgs. She has got worse and worse from a dislocated hip that happened in 2009 and has resulted in a deformed leg. She has many pressure sores around her hip area and other bad signs. She seems like she is giving up and although she was the top student in literacy, has not left her house for about three weeks. Please remember her in your prayers.
Paul and Susan left the village on Monday. They are certainly ready for a break in more ways than one. They have been attending the annual field conference for the central area. They will then travel back home to Chesterfield for a three month leave from PNG, to visit family, some doctors check-ups and minor surgery that is needed and for time with their home church.
Their daughter Laura has completed her degree course and is now a qualified occupational therapist looking for a job.
Paul and Susan appreciate your continued prayers for the Gende church and for the many who still need to hear the Gospel.

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