Future Plans

Eight years ago, God opened the way for Azarja and Renee Groot to begin serving with Mercy Air. Over the years that followed, God brought them to South Africa and has faithfully provided all that they needed. The years have been filled with many opportunities to serve in mission aviation. Over the years, South Africa has become their “home”. While they have settled well, they have felt that a time would come when they would return to Texas. With the expiration of their South African visas early in 2019, they have, after much prayer, decided to make that move next year.

New opportunities to stay involved with Mercy Air in the USA have opened up. While some of the details are beginning to come together, there are also still many unknowns. Please pray for wisdom, God’s continued guidance, and grace as they enter a transition period.

Over the past few months, Azarja had the privilege of making some interesting mission trips into, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia. He always finds it exciting to make flights which help the mission work in remote areas in a very practical way.Pray for continued safe and effective operations at Mercy Air.

One of the big challenges overseas, has been the distance from their families (USA, Netherlands, and Brazil). Thankfully they have been very supportive over the years.

Their children Elliora, Esther and Ezra are doing very well. They have embraced their ministry of friendship to the many guests’ children who pass through the Mercy Air guest house. As a result, they have many, many friends in Mozambique and around the world! While there is great joy in making new friends, there is also great sadness in saying “goodbye.” Please pray for the kids’ hearts that they would continue to love well.