Future co-workers

Ben and Tabea are so thankful for the trip that Ben was able make last week; it was a real blessing.

As they are planning to move to the area he visited in September, it was good for Ben to be able to see what it is like there. For example, what things are available in the local shops so that they can decide what needs to be sent in a container and what can be purchased once they arrive. Along with his companions, Ben had a chance to look around some of the houses that they might be able to rent and they tried to take pictures and videos for their wives who were not able to join them.

The main highlight was meeting up with their future co-workers. On one morning, they had a four-hour long meeting (without breaks!) and were able to talk about ministry plans. As you can imagine their language ability was stretched but they felt that they were able to follow what was being said and contribute to the meeting in a meaningful way.

The team are very thankful for their national co-workers and realise more and more that they could not move into church planting without them. One of them has already served in a tribe and has been a teacher for many years at the training centre. He has so much to bring to the team; being born and raised in the area they visited, he understands the culture very well and is the one paving the way for the team in terms of relationships. Pray that nothing happens to him; otherwise they will be set back by at least five years!

When Ben and Tabea move to the area, they will still have to finish their language and culture study, but their national co-workers will not need to until they all move again to the tribe. They thank the Lord that they are so faithful and willing to help. Pray for continued progress in language study.

Pray for Tabea and her pregnancy including, the birth and paperwork.