Functioning as a body

The men have been encouraged to read the scriptures during the week and on Sunday be prepared to share a verse that has impressed or helped them. Pray for this to happen and that they can grow in confidence and find out their gifts. Paul and Susan were also encouraged when afterwards one of the men brought firewood two days running for an older couple in the fellowship.
A man offered to help with translation again and he and Susan worked on two stories from Luke 18 and 19. He now has the Gende rough draft and Pidgin English copy of Titus to study through. Unfortunately the next day he left on a trip which is frustrating for Susan.
Paul continues to teach from Acts on Sunday. Timothy/Titus lessons are being prepared. One believer said he would have a go at teaching too. As would another man but Paul and Susan would prefer he is obedient re baptism first…… Old Tobi in the next village has people asking him about starting a group there.
A new literacy class has just started. There are nineteen students ranging from age four to over seventy although the four year olds may not go far. Several people are helping. They will meet after church on Sundays then Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. One student walks for two hours from his mountain hamlet to get there for 8am. What commitment. Some have had a little bit of schooling, others none at all. Thank you for your prayers for them as Paul and Susan are keen for all the believers to be able to read. A few non-believers have asked to learn too, all of whom have at times heard some Bible teaching. Pray for their salvation too.
An annual conference is held in the next province when the tribal churches that NTM missionaries have had involvement in, get together for three days of Bible teaching and fellowship. This will be the first time for the Gende believers to attend such a gathering which is being held next month. A PNG couple will be teaching on husband/wife relationships and also Paul and Susan have been asked to help with the teaching.
Paul is preparing three to four sessions on the grace and mercy of God. (It will be done in Pidgin English and there is one word ‘marimari’ for the two English words). Pray for the Lord’s help in preparation. Susan will speak at one of the ladies’ sessions.
Also pray for the young Gende people away at school to find Christian fellowship and for the believing teens with so much temptation and wickedness around them.
Pray for a young man attending Sunday meetings showing interest in spiritual things. His wife helps with the literacy classes.
Paul and Susan need wisdom daily as they get many requests for all kinds of things. Pray that they would know when to say yes and when to say no.
Continue to pray for the Gende believer in prison. She is leading outreaches both in prison and outside!
Also pray for Paul and Susan’s family back home in the UK. All are busy. And Laura is coming to halfway on her dissertation.