Full circle

The missionary team among the Wana people of Asia-Pacific cannot contain their excitement over what is happening in another area of the same people group.

When Ed and Jeanne Casteel moved into a Wana village 43 years ago. A twenty-year-old villager was instrumental in helping them to get set up in their new bamboo houses and to learn the Wana language. Not long after they began the teaching this man came to know the Lord as his personal Saviour. He has since been a tremendous witness to his Wana friends and relatives.

Talk about the Gospel coming full circle – one of the men from the area where the new outreach is taking place, led Ed and Jeanne on the hike up to the village where they first settled 44 years ago! Little did this man know then, that 44 years later one of the fellows he led them to would now be sharing the Gospel message with him and many others!

Pray and rejoice with the team about what is happening.