From battle to victory

Praise God! On April 13, all of the Word of God was translated into the Lamogai language.

To mark the occasion Jan and Annette Wols and the team dressed up as Old Testament people and celebrated together.

Even though the last book of the Old Testament is translated there is still more checking and proofreading that needs to be done to finish it well. Then it can go to the printer and be shipped to Papua New Guinea. This still can take one or two years… but what a joy it is to have all of the Bible available for the Lamogai believers. Praise the Lord!

As the last verses of the OT were being translated, the shipment of the revision of the NT arrived. Lamogai people living close-by were the first to receive the reprint of the New Testament in their language.

The OT books have been printed out in a rough draft, so the leaders can take it with them for checking and proof reading.

With all the restrictions due to the upsurge of Covid in Papua New Guinea, Jan and Annette have been thankful that the work was able to continue and reached this major landmark in the work.

Five different families, one after another, visited the centre to work on the necessary upgrade … this made it possible for Jan and Annette to continue work on the guesthouse, supply buying and facilitating the translation teams.

After the Lamogai translation team returned home, the Patpatar team arrived at the centre to work on translation. They are at the beginning of the translation of the Old Testament. In addition, a colleague working in the Tigak language group travelled through to work on the translation of the OT there.

Jan and Annette consider it a privilege to continue to be part of this work. God has helped them through the hard times and enables them to continue to work at the centre in New Ireland province of PNG.