Jonathan and Naomi and family are continuing to learn language and culture in West Africa.

Jonathan has started a new phase in the language programme which is about learning how to converse about life. He is really excited  and interested to learn about the lives of his African friends. A friend is sharing a lot about life in his village but it is a struggle because of his language ability. But by the grace of God it will get easier!

Jonathan knew before they arrived in West Africa that as a family they were in for an impossible task. But he did not quite realise how impossible it would be. They know that every fruit of the ministry they are involved in will not be of themselves, but will spring out of God’s grace alone.

Please pray for Jonathan as he seeks to get into deeper conversations; not only for his language ability but also that he would earn the trust of the people around them that they would be willing to share deeply. There is a saying: “Before you speak, you must learn the right to speak; before you listen you, must earn the right to listen.” It is very easy to make friends, but much harder to build the level of trust needed in a friendship for them to share openly. Jonathan is looking forward to the days when he will have the conversational ability and depth of relationship to share Christ in a clear way.