Fresh mercy and strength

Paul and Susan Boothby would appreciate your prayers for the remaining few weeks they have among the Gende of Papua New Guinea.

One of the Gende believers was keen to start a new group teaching from Creation to Christ before they depart. Many still need the foundational teaching, the Gospel, on which the rest of the teaching is built.

The teaching began a couple of weeks ago. Meeting every day, starting to gather around 7.30am in a neighbour’s house. Numbers fluctuate but a core group turn up faithfully and are listening well and responding to the questions as Paul and the Gende believer teach on alternate days.

Some years ago Susan had printed up A5 size colouring books using the line drawings of the teaching pictures with just one sentence in Gende from scripture that was relevant to the picture. There were ten left so each family/household represented now has one along with crayons and colour pencils. They also have printed out some pages with key verses on that they can colour too and some families can be heard reciting these in their homes. The kids were very excited. For most, they have never done this activity. And it is the very first time any have owned such a book and crayons! Pray even these colouring books will be used in houses where other adults are not interested in coming. A neighbour’s boy got to work colouring, saying he was now doing ‘school’ which was more important than playing, and he did this for three hours. Most of his family are keen faithful Christians already.

Susan has good help with translation. 1 Corinthians is now up to first draft stage. One believer hearing Paul and Susan’s time is short said he would come to help as frequently as he could. Pray with them for the continued wisdom of the Holy Spirit in making this translation sound natural and clear and yet still be faithful to the meaning of the original. Another believer lives closer and is willing to help with Revelation. Chapter 1 is completed but priority has been to finish 1 Corinthians first.

Paul and Susan often feel tired by evening and running out of the energy needed to keep the pace up but each day comes new with fresh mercy and strength from the Lord.