Four thousand verses

This constant immersion in God’s Word has deeply impacted these Simbari men. David and Shari Ogg wrote, “On the last day [of the comprehension check], they broke down and wept. When they regained their composure, they expressed to us their deep gratitude to the Lord for sending the good news of salvation to their people.”

Recently Shari was invited to help a friend in another tribal church planting location to host a construction team. She would have been the only lady looking after the team as well as her own children, so Shari was thrilled for the opportunity to serve in this practical way and help out in any way I could. The build location was on a volcanic island that I had known of for many years and had prayed for the people group who lived there, so it was a real privilege to finally be able to visit in person.

Pray for the Simbari Church.