Four different directions

Francois and Nadia Hattingh have been serving the church in South East Africa from within since 1995. They are currently serving with Integral Vision South East Africa field in four different countries; South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania from Cape Town, SA.

They are very blessed to see their three children grow and blossom with the opportunities that the move to Cape Town has presented them. Franco is currently in business school. Heidi is in ministry with YWAM. Waldo is finishing secondary schooling.

They serve the team in South Africa by coaching four missionary candidates in the Western Cape and a couple in Zimbabwe.  They serve on the church liaison team and represent the international work on various levels within the local body of Christ and government. They also man the Integral Vision office in Cape Town. Nadia also still serves as a literacy consultant for the field of South East Africa and Francois serves the wider body as life coach and itinerant speaker.

They also continue to serve the Mwinika church planting team with Nadia serving on the literacy team and Francois developing community and care strategies for the continuing church in Mwinikaland, Mozambique.

In practise, this means that Francois visits the Mwinika church a few times a year.  During his visit earlier in April, he and his team started to develop a scope and sequencing of Bible lessons that introduces God’s heart for His children and that He has a pivotal role in community and care issues of daily life in the village.

There is now a second generation of believers which is a reason to rejoice. One boy’s father died when he was at a young age. They were close neighbours to Francois and Nadia when they lived in the village and Francois became this boy’s mentor.  Now he and his young wife are both believers and named their first born after one of Francois and Nadia’s children.

One of the benefits of their stepping away from the church plant, is that the team left behind is now continuing to improve and refine the Bible material.  This ensures that the material stays relevant and speaks to the heart of the Mwinika.  Francois and Nadia are very encouraged by the fact that the team not only continue to teach, but also engage with the written Word.

Bible material is increasing and developing. New Bible teachers are being discipled!  In all six of the groups of believers, young teachers are being trained to continue the growing work.

Continue to pray for the Mwinika believers. Although the church is growing there are still many who regard religion more important than a relationship with the one true God. Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to them in a special way.

Francois and Nadia are looking forward to visiting Mozambique as a family in the June/July holidays!  They will attend an Africa region conference where many missionaries from all over the world will join them for a time of catching up and fellowship.  After the conference, they will visit Mwinikaland!