Foundational teaching

Barrie and Cherri Williamson were shocked and shaken to read of the recent devastating earthquakes (largest 7.5) and tsunami that struck Palu, Sulawesi, and the surrounding area. They lived in Palu years ago, and it was a second home for them. Pray for the continuing relief effort.

Barrie and Cherri are now based in the USA. Barrie’s latest trip to Southeast Asia was in August when he visited several countries and he has much to be thankful for!

First, he did not get sick! (It was exactly one year since his previous time in one particular country when he became very sick and had to be hospitalised.)

Secondly, he was able to assist in the final checking of a translation of the Foundational Bible Teaching (FBT) course in one of the countries he visited. He was once again so impressed with the leaders. Their enthusiasm for the work and their commitment to see the project completed is so encouraging.

Finally, he was blessed to share in some of the teaching load of the FBT course to another group of Bible teachers who had travelled into the city from many remote locations to take this course. The materials soon to go to print will be in their mother tongue and will be in the form of four books for the Bible teachers.  These lesson books will take congregations through the Bible from Genesis to the Ascension and give them a greater clarity and understanding of God’s plan of salvation. This will become the foundation on which further materials will be developed in the future to bring about greater maturity in the church. Each of the men who worked on the course translation have plans to teach groups of church leaders in their various locations once the books are printed.

Your participation with Barrie and Cherri through your prayers make this ministry possible.