Forty-one names

Now missionaries are in that village studying culture and language, and excited about the day when they can begin teaching. Pray for the missionary team, for Brian and Sherri Hofer, Jakob and Lina Nachtigall, and Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo.

Brian and Sherri Hofer praise the Lord for this cooler time of year, especially at night in northern Guinea. They praise Him for good health and protection over the last few months. Please continue to pray for their CLA and that the coming “grass burning” season does not aggravate their allergies. Brian and Sherri praise God for the progress in home-schooling. Keep praying for the kids to have positive attitudes and for wisdom for Sherri as she teaches them. They wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Jakob and Lina Nachtigall also praise the Lord for good health and that they didn’t have many interruptions last month. They are grateful that their language helper has been very faithful in his daily work so that they have already reached their short-term goal for this year. They will start phase five in the growing participator approach this week. Please pray that the Lord would continue to open their ears and their understanding. Also pray as for Jakob and Lina’s relationships with the Konyagi people, that God would give them His love and His wisdom in their daily interaction with them.

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo are on home assignment in Canada and they praise the Lord that they are gaining their health and energy back and can look with excitement towards their eventual return to the field. Pray that Alessandro and Chantal would be fully restored and ready for their next adventure. They plan to leave for Guinea at the beginning of March. Pray that God would go before them to prepare the way as their move to Guinea involves many challenges such as getting land and building a house.

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