Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve God among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa and are pleased that their co-workers, the Burkheads, have arrived safely and are settled back into village life. Guy is transitioning into ministry, focusing on his reading and writing abilities. Keyla is busy with home schooling.

Over the past two weeks, Aaron and Amy have had several little interruptions that distracted them from their regular tasks.

Aaron seems to have been infected by a parasite, possibly amoeba that is obviously going around. Many people have complained to them about stomachs issues. Aaron is taking a treatment but some of his symptoms are still lingering. They praise the Lord that He continually gives them the strength to continue.

Their local internet provider is back to giving some service (at one point, it was completely out.) They can communicate to some extent over the internet again. Pray for wisdom as they look into options for satellite internet that would be more reliable. It would be a big help for them to stay in touch with their co-worker Lesley in Ivory Coast as well as with family, friends and prayer supporters.
Pray that they can listen to and learn from God and not let their ministry distract from God Himself. That they can keep focused as well as know how to balance their workload under God’s leading.

Pray for the team’s relationships with the Glarro, and for wisdom for how to challenge their thoughts about God.

Thank you for your prayers, the missionary team and the Glarro people.