Focus on Joy

Each of the boys is making progress with what they are doing. Isaac is transitioning in the normal way within the British school system, moving along with everyone else from year six to seven, and things are going fine for him. Jonathan is finding the GCSEs to be a new concept compared to the USA system, but he is ‘on target’ for his subjects. The big change and answer to prayer is work for Adrian! He wanted something where he could ‘learn on the job’ in some way. He is very happy with what came up, but of course has mixed feelings as it involved him moving away from home. He will begin training with Action Centres UK (ACUK) to become an instructor at an outdoor activity centre. This will be a big change for the rest of the family too as they miss him.

As Adrian was starting his new job, Poul flew from Heathrow to Wewak in PNG. He will be gone for nearly five weeks, returning on 13th February. The majority of his time will be in Sorimi, depending on his domestic flights. There is an urgent need for mission pilots. Pray that God would send more people to the mission field with a heart to do this ministry! Due to this severe shortage of pilots, the dates Poul was hoping for are not coming together, so he may have a few days of extra delay in Wewak. Pray that his flights in and out of Sorimi will go well, both with dates and good weather, so he can get all the time possible with the people. These past four months he has done a lot of Bible lessons and translation so that he can teach the church and leaders and correct his translation work aiming towards getting more scriptures finalised in their language. The living conditions will be very simple for Poul, as everything is packed away in their house, and it will be very worn and dirty, undoubtedly shared by a variety of other living creatures that he wouldn’t choose for company. He is taking some supplies with him, like a small water filter system,mosquito net, medicines, SAT phone etc. Pray that this would be a profitable time with so many needs to meet; he wants interaction with the villagers, believers, and time to disciple potential church leaders further so they can continue to reach out to their own people. There are the practical needs to be met too: medical, time for the people to just chat and enjoy seeing Poul again, questions and many requests for help. Pray to the Lord for His guidance and strength in these things, and good health so Poul is not set back and does not have to face malaria out there alone. 

Poul and Carol don’t get a lot of news from the Sorimi people, so it will be great for Poul to get first-hand experience! Carol and the boys will really miss not being there, and pray that one day they can all return for a long visit or live there permanently again. They did have some exciting news in October! Believers from part of the Sepik region gathered together in a ‘neighbouring’ tribe for a five day conference. Twenty-six Sorimi believers hiked two days each way to attend. Some of them were new believers as a result of two Christian couples doing an outreach over the past one/two years in a second village. They heard it was a great time of teaching and fellowship for all who attended and a joy for them to experience being one in Christ with others they didn’t know. Pray that the truths they were challenged and encouraged with will be shared in their villages and lived out in their own daily lives as they grow in their walk with God.

In the New Year, Carol will be starting to do some part-time reception work at the mission and is glad of the opportunity to be involved. Especially pray for her in January/February as she keeps things going with the boys at home while Poul is in PNG and Adrian is away too.

Poul has arrived in PNG with no setbacks. He has heard on the radio that the Sorimi people have cut the airstrip in preparation of his arrival and are excited to see him. They usually live semi-nomadic in the jungle to hunt and garden. But a literacy teacher is coming to the village to teach them to read the Pidgin trade language, so people are returning to the village again. Only God could co-ordinate this so that many people will be settled in the village during Poul’s visit.

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