The NTM Philippines missionary team are willingly expending their lives in service of others, more often than not working and living in less than ideal circumstances. As they evaluate and plan together, please pray that they all gain a clear perspective and together plot the way forward for the glory of the Lord.
One of the planned visits is to lend some support and assistance to the development of a Bible teaching curriculum in possibly two large language groups in northern Luzon. It could have far-reaching effects in the future days, so please pray for the success of this workshop and the ongoing blessing that will result.

From the Philippines, Barrie will fly west to meet with the others of the Southeast Asia leadership team. They have a huge task ahead of them coordinating efforts reaching into five countries. Please be praying that they share a true sense of unity and purpose as they blend their gifts and skills into a functioning unit. Barrie plans to return to San Diego early October and would appreciate prayer for safe and uneventful flights!
Cherri will be “holding the fort” at home. Last time Barrie was away, her mum became quite sick, causing some anxious weeks. They are so thankful she has recovered from that and would appreciate prayer that both Cherri’s mum and dad will not have any crisis this time. Cherri’s dad will soon have an MRI of his back as he is having a lot of pain in his back and legs as well as chronic light-headiness. Please pray that his back pain will diminish.

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