First weeks

Philip and Vina Le Roux cannot help but smile as they share news of the chronological Bible teaching. It has been a long road for them to get to this point, but the wait has been worth it. They are so glad to be able share with you about their first few weeks of Phase one teaching.

They have been teaching in seven different locations seven times a week. Each teaching lasts two hours or more. Phil teaches the adults in Agutaynen and Vina teaches the kids in Tagalog. They are teaching chronologically through the Bible with the hope of building firm foundations for future believers.

Initially they hoped to attract 200 people per week. They average around 250 weekly. Thank you Lord!

Each group they teach is so different with people ranging from four years old to well in their seventies. They have taught in darkness by torchlight, used sheets to block the sun, had to protect the equipment from the rain using umbrellas and strapped things down with rope during gusty winds. It has been exhausting but exhilarating!

Already the people are learning precious truths about God’s character. It has been so wonderful for Phil and Vina to see their faces light up when they hear things for the first time. They cannot wait to teach them about the precious gift of salvation! But, this is still many weeks away. For now they are enjoying teaching them through the Old Testament and the stories that point to Christ.

Please pray for the Le Rouxs and the precious people of Agutaya. Pray that they will continue to attend the lessons. Pray that they will be open to His truth. Pray that a work would already begin in their hearts.

However, recently there has been some challenges and at times Phil and Vina can feel that they are overwhelming but they are never more than their blessings.

Living on the island itself has its challenges, but lately life has become a little harder. The two boats that served as the link to the other islands where food is purchased and people travel to when they leave the island have been ‘retired’. That means that only small fishing boats are available, so getting food supplies has become tricky. There is no plan to get the bigger boats up and running.

There is no one to fill in for the supply buyer who is on home assignment and that means Phil and Vina have no one to buy their supplies on the main island until he returns at the end of this year.

The teaching has brought added expenses that are quite substantial.

Their visas still have not been approved because of the change in the mission’s name which means that they are still on tourist visas and needing to pay for the extensions which is costly.

Despite the challenges, Phil and Vina continue to be abundantly blessed in their service to Him. They have been so encouraged to see how He is taking care of their eldest daughter Valerie-Anne daily away at college in the USA. He has provided godly friendships, a home for her over the Christmas break and warm clothes. She begins her second term on January 17th. Please keep her in your prayers as the Lord brings her to mind.

Thank you for partnering through prayer in the work on Agutaya. It is Phil and Vina’s heart’s desire that many on the island will come to know our precious Lord and Saviour.