First lesson

The days are quite intensive for Jenny de Jong; there is so much for her to learn in terms of both culture and language! Living in a new town offers many opportunities for this along with living in a house with a French/English speaking Senegalese lady who attends the same church. Their relationship is good and they often chat in the evenings and go for a walk in the neighbourhood.

Jenny regularly visits her host family who receive her warmly. They have spent a lot of time together. Pray for God’s help in the challenges that the parents have in raising five children. Pray for safety for the father who travels a lot in his work and for the mother who is responsible for the daily care of the children in his absence.

Besides what she learns from her host mother in the kitchen, they also discuss ‘the tout et de rien’ (everything and nothing) that has to do with culture, education, being a Christian in Senegal, manners … everything is covered.

Jenny’s language helper visits daily in the afternoons for four hours. They do speaking exercises using wordless videos and talk about activities such as going to the market or tailor. Jenny listens to the recordings later to extract new words and practice sentence structures. Jenny is thankful for her patience and that she can explain clearly. She only speaks a few words of English, so all conversations are in French.

Most of the people Jenny talks with during the week speak Wolof and varying levels of French. Sometimes, she wonders if she will ever hold a conversation in which she does not have to pause every second to think about how to finish the sentence correctly (primarily in French, but greetings are almost always in Wolof) and wonders when she will be able to share about her Saviour, Jesus Christ …?

Please pray for Jenny to sleep well. Sleeping is sometimes a challenge because of the heat, the calls to prayer and the dogs that in answer bark for a long time.

Thank the Lord that her mum’s hip replacement went well.

Jenny repeatedly turns to the Lord for His guidance. God has provided beyond her expectations! He also knows the future.

Pray for daily protection, progress in language and culture learning and for her to be able to follow what God’s leading!