First language check

Adrian and Evelyn Jotter with Melissa, Lukas and Olivia are studying language and culture the in the Philippines. They praise the Lord that they were able to attend many events during the one-month-long cultural festival in their town where they learned lots about the people’s culture. They saw different sports and competitions between the seven different people groups in the area. They also watched a tribal mass wedding including offerings and rituals etc.

The three recently arrived missionary families have found great houses to rent. The first of them has already moved in and all of them seem to be adjusting well so far.

Evelyn was able to go for a short visit to a people group location where missionaries have served for 28 years. The church there is already quite independent but the missionaries are still busy translating the Bible into the people’s language.

They have both found one additional language helper among their friends. Their first language check with mission language consultants was scheduled for this week. They are thankful for the helpful advice and know what to pay more attention to in the future.

Pray for wisdom and godly guidance to know what they should prioritise for each day. This phase of learning is not as structured which means they have to plan for themselves. In Filipino culture, it can sometimes be a challenge – things happen spontaneously or they spontaneously do not happen – you never really know!

This month some of the men are visiting a different region that is potentially a place for future church planting. Pray for safe travels and a blessed trip.