First impressions

A month ago, Dennis, Jenny and family arrived in Asia-Pacific, and in the last four weeks they were able to immerse themselves in a completely different and for them completely new world. From the sunrise, to the people, the language, the togetherness, the sense of time, the everyday life, the houses, the food, the streets, the traffic, the means of transport, the shops, into the nature, to the animals and plants, up to the sunset, everything is different and everything is new.

One of the biggest changes is the fact that they have two house helpers. On the one hand, it’s a relief for Jenny so she can spend more time studying language and culture, as tasks of everyday life generally takes longer. On the other hand, it is also culturally expected of them to offer employment, as they are seen as wealthy. Otherwise they would be considered stingy. Their house helpers are two very lovely local women who have previously worked for people within the mission.

Dennis and Jenny are glad to know the One who does not change, but was, is and will remain the same forever. He was, is and remains the constant in their lives. They can trust in Him.

After arriving on the first of July, the first week was filled with finding and getting the most necessary things for living and setting up their new home.

During the second week, they received a lot of information from local personnel regarding life in Asia-Pacific which was a really big help knowing about how to behave appropriately in the local culture.

They have been making the first contacts with people on their street. The people as a whole, including their neighbours, are very welcoming, open and warm. Their children have already made friends who visit to play in the garden. They are all looking forward to being able to understand more linguistically. Pray that they will settle in well, and contribute as a whole family in the neighbourhood.

In the last few weeks they have started to get to know their future language assistants and have taken the opportunity to visit cultural events together. Dennis has been busy preparing the first language lessons. They officially start learning the language this week. Please pray for a good start.


  • for a good journey and a safe arrival in Asia-Pacific
  • the initial help they received
  • for the house and the neighbourhood they live in
  • for the local church


  • for a good start to their language and cultural studies
  • that they will settle and integrate well in their neighbourhood and community
  • for the approval of their long-term visas