Firm foundations

Kirk and Yolanda Rogers minister among the Landuma people of Guinea, West Africa. Last month they attended the mission’s triennial field conference in Senegal, as well as participating in other meetings. They were blessed to hear the many reports from around West Africa of what God is doing to bring previously unreached people groups to Himself. Please pray for those labouring to learn languages, build relationships, and translate and teach the Scriptures, that they would be able to do an effective job of representing the Saviour and His message to those who do not know Him.

After flying back to Guinea they had some car trouble in the capital which needed attention before they were finally able to return to their village home.

It is the heart of rainy season in Guinea, and after being away for a little over a month, aside from the usual dust, they had to remove mould, get the overgrown yard and garden back into shape and remove some mice from the house. Thankfully, they have faithful hard working helpers who assist them in the yard. They have enjoyed being back with their friends here, including the believers who continued to meet together regularly to worship and study the Word.

Pray that the Landumas, as well as those from other ethnic groups with whom Kirk and Yolanda  have contact, will come to understand that they must stand up against the negative social pressure, and that they must seek the truth of God’s Word in order that their religion may have a true, firm foundation. Pray that God will use Kirk and Yolanda’s testimony as well as the testimony of the Landuma church, along with His Word, to bring that about. Also pray that the Landumas would be freed from their slavery to sin and experience the true freedom of new life in Christ.

After many delays, last week part of the translation check of 900 verses took place virtually for the first time. Some technical and other glitches, however, meant they only had less than three and a half days to work. Kirk was able to finish the Genesis and Matthew chapters they had prepared, and 1 John. They will resume with Ephesians and Romans at a later date. The language helper had never done a translation check before. Kirk read the Scriptures to him and he related back what he understood. Pray that the helper understands the message well and that God uses it to change his heart and his mind about Jesus.

Also, pray that they will be able to find a Landuma person who speaks good English who can help with the next translation check.

A new family recently joined the field of Guinea. They plan to join the work among a people group closely related to the Landumas. Pray for them as they acclimatise to Guinea. They have lived in Africa for a couple of years. However, they will experience many new things in Guinea.

The last day of the check, Kirk, started feeling poorly. He is now on the mend. Please pray for a speedy recovery for Yolanda who is now also feeling unwell! Their former co-worker is flying in for a short visit early next week and it is likely that the Rogers’ will not be sufficiently recovered by then to make the three-day round trip to the capital to pick her up as planned. Thankfully, the Lord has provided another way. A taxi driver whom they have known for many years will be able to provide transport, allowing the Rogers’ to rest at home while their friend heads their way.

Thank you for your partnership in this work among the Landuma people through prayer.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. 2 Thessalonians 3.18